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Getting ready for the Michigan Great Lakes Bay Women Show 2013

Sponsors and Help

  1. PARTNERSHIPS SPECIFIEDThe Saginaw Art Museum: This has been a particularly difficult time for the museum and I  feel that this exhibition will create a positive atmosphere that will bring in not only the usual crowd, but will motivate many people who might not have considered visiting in the past, but will do so because a friend or family member is being celebrated. It is hoped that it will bring the various cultural elements of Saginaw’s diversity together.  The Personal Heroine sculptures and the workshops are a way of enticing more people to interact with the museum.
  2. The Castle Museum: I am delighted that the Historical Society has teamed up with the Art Museum because this exhibition is about honoring historical women as much as contemporary women. There is such a rich vein of fascinating women coming from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. The many links with cultural and historical artefacts will help to enrich the art work and to give a perspective on the time in which these women lived.

  3. The Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture:  The Anishinabe people were in the Great Lakes Bay Region long before Western culture and it is wonderful to have their interest and active participation. Once again, it is an opportunity to bring people closer together with greater understanding and to provide a more informed awareness of the culture through the stories of individuals.
  4. Fall for the Arts: I am pleased that the exhibition will be a part of this initiative as it has been an important way to extend the arts in Michigan and made the areas that it has touched magnets for the arts.
  5. The Underground Railway: There are a number of women included in the exhibition who were fundamental in establishing this refuge for battered and abused women. The Heroine Sculptural Shine is dedicated to it and will be used as way to obtain donations for it via The Castle Museum as an ongoing interactive exhibit.
  6. Patricia Shaheen:  As someone who has been a patron and in the frontline of support for the arts in the Great lakes Bay Region, I am pleased to have her help in my endeavours. She is someone with a good heart and a clear vision and I feel blessed by her interest. It is extremely difficult to be so far away to try and engineer this complex event and it is good to know that I have someone “on the ground” to keep me centered.
  7. Edwina Jaques* Artist: As a young artist, I had work displayed in various exhibitions held at the museum and at the age of 25, I had a major exhibition of work there. It was shortly thereafter that I relocated to the UK where I have pursued my career with gathering success over the years. I offer my expertise and ability to pull together numerous groups to create something of lasting value for my home town community. Personally, this as an opportunity to investigate the place where I grew up and to throw light onto the many “human” reasons why it is special.



Funding for the Great Lakes Bay Women Exhibition was provided by the Saginaw Art Museum and the Castle Museum.

The book was part funded by the Morley Foundation and help from private individuals.

KICKSTART crowd funders was used to obtain further monies, but the target was not reached.


There were also donations and in kind help by private individuals:

Heartfelt thanks to my university roommate Laura Conrad who spent a gruelling 2 weeks helping me to create mosaic frames for 50 paintings in the stifling summer heat and raging storms of Florida as well as my dear cousin, Valgene Rose, who dropped her life for the entire month of September to actively assist me in the museum, Linda Busch who was busy handing out leaflets, making lists and a much needed calendar, running endless errands to buy materials, runs to the post office and kept me going with cold drinks, Carol Thomas was super supportive throughout, Patty Shaheen, a confidant extraordinaire ( this exhibition would not have happened without her!), Diane Kirkpatrick who has been a long time mentor and friend, Tom & Heather Parry, Kaaren & David Klingel, good friends and the many others who were so generous with their aid.

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